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Our Fees

Losing anything, especially your health, will require an investment of your time and money to recover it. Rest assured that our fees are competitive with other offices in the Burnaby area.


Service Fee
Initial consultation $145
Subsequent visit $50
Seniors (65 and older) $40
Students $40
X-Rays – **per view $25
Orthotics $450

**Patients typically require four views**

Once we have an opportunity to evaluate your case, we’ll explain what we’ve found and what we think it will take for you to get well, and just as important, to stay well.

Massage Therapy

Service Fee
Initial visit (1 hour appointment): $100
15 minute assessment followed by a 45 minute massage
Subsequent visit
30 minutes: $60
45 minutes: $80
60 minutes: $100
90 minutes: $120


Service Fee
Regular Treatment $70
Subsequent visit $70
Seniors over 65 & students $35
–with general moxibustion as necessary
Integrated treatment (50-90 min.). $50 – $90
–with special moxibustion, acupressure, cupping, or Tui-na massage etc.
Skin Rejuvenation
Consultation (free with a T.package) $30
Treatment $60 – 100
–with a mask pack, ample, or special materials

Herbal Medicine

Service Fees
Follow-up visit $45
Regular Powder $10 per day
Special Powder $13 per day
–with special ingredient(s) like Red ginseng, Ling zhi mushroom etc.

* The medicine is also available in the forms of pills or packages of herbal extracts. (cost may differ)

Last updated 03-21-2016

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